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Email Survey

One of the most popular distribution methods for survey research to date is via email. To achieve this you traditionally embed a survey link into an email and distribute it manually to a mailing list of respondents. Respondents can then simply open the survey from their email and complete it in their own time.

ARKS IT offers a fully functional email survey tool designed to save time and produce better data, whether for customer surveys, market research, government use or for surveys of business contacts or employees.

Our survey software will allow you to upload your contacts, design personalized email templates and create unique embed links for each respondent. By using this method, you can boost your response rates, quickly organize your selected audiences and easily track the progress of your email responses.

Telephone Survey

Telephone surveys are widely used in certain types of research, particularly market surveys. Market researchers can benefit from conducting a telephone survey because of the large scale accessibility associated with it. If the survey is planned accordingly, telephone surveys can be very successful. Professional market research companies utilize the latest technology in telephone surveying, for example, computer-based systems with automatic random digit dialing and forms for the easy and direct entry of response data. You can get the highest advice and efficiency from us in this modern way.

Social Media Survey

Social media platforms enable you to create and engage communities online. Growing by attraction, these communities connect ever greater numbers of like-minded people who share opinions, ideas, and information of interest with one another. The networks that evolve on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google Plus might include the very audiences your business serves. And at some point, you may want to ask for their feedback.

You can use a host of ARKS IT social media survey templates and tools to find out which platforms your target audiences and communities prefer.