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SMS Marketing

Together with ARKS IT, SMS marketing can help you achieve increased response rates and improved customer engagement.

Creating your message to be delivered by SMS is easy. ARKS IT SMS marketing tool allows you to target users on the move and send bulk SMS survey invitations. Your respondents will be taken to a mobile responsive survey, which automatically configures to your respondent’s smartphone or tablet.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most economical as well as an effective way to reach your target prospects. ARKS IT offers customers end-to-end marketing services including campaign and list management, template designing, email creation and customized reporting.

We can also manage all types of email campaigns including product/services promotion, newsletters, holiday offers, nurturing campaigns and more. If you don’t want to waste time, come to our organization soon.

Digital Marketing Promotion

Marketing has changed! Days are gone! Today SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) entities are dominating the market. Because they don’t need to spend millions of dollars on traditional marketing activities such as expensive television commercials, print ads, billboards, etc. Today your business is focused on an eCommerce business. every person uses the internet. They are your online consumers. Turn them into your paying customers. This is only possible through online marketing.

ARKS IT is the fastest digital marketing promotional platform in Bangladesh. If you want to hit the road, call us immediately before your competitors do.